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characters are evil but gradually become good people - best anime moments

Chi anime character

Freya was happy to have a little sister, and for a time, seemed to be acting normally, although, as Hibiya would later tell Hideki in the anime, "there were still these odd times when she looked as though she was thinking very deeply about something. She is very tall with long braids and blue hair. Reservoir Chronicle , [30] [31] and is voiced by in the anime by: Wearing an outfit that makes her resemble a genie , she is programmed to be cute and tends to be quite hyperactive, for example leading Hideki in wakeup exercises each morning and dancing when she is in standby mode. Rie Tanaka Japanese ; Michelle Ruff English Development[ edit ] Clamp —a creative team consisting of Satsuki Igarashi , Ageha Ohkawa , Tsubaki Nekoi and Mokona —wrote and illustrated Chobits, which is the first of their manga to be targeted towards older male readers seinen manga. On his way home one evening, he stumbles across a persocom in the form of a beautiful girl with floor-length hair lying against a pile of trash bags, and he carries her home, not noticing that a disk fell on the ground. Her role is to protect Zima both physically and as a pro-active firewall protection program, hacking into any persocom who poses a threat to Zima. To Yuzuki's surprise, Chi even helps her discover her true feelings for Minoru and thanks her for it. Chi, however, has survived the deactivation and comes to the conclusion that while life with Hideki may seem painful because of her limitations, it is even more painful without him. The need to figure out more about Chi and her mysterious functions and past becomes a pull for the characters in the series. Voiced by: Kotoko is also programmed to always tell the truth, no matter what, even when it works to her owner's disadvantage. Chi's character is also cosplayed in the anime adaptation of Hanaukyo Maid Team: Chi anime character

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Chi anime character

Chi anime character

Chi anime character

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    He takes her home, and upon activating her, finds that the only word she can speak is "Chi". Hideki makes his way on to the roof to save her.

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    Towards the end of the series, Zima disables Dita when she tries to go after Chi to stop her program from running.

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    Voiced by: Together, Chi and Hideki explore the relationship between human beings and persocoms, as well as their friends' and their own. Yamada worries that Chi doesn't have any toys.

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    He takes her home, and upon activating her, finds that the only word she can speak is "Chi".

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