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ANGRY TEEN thepenanceproject.org't Mess With These Kids!

Mad teen tube

Finally It's not easy to follow these steps. Then out loud - say something caring and supportive. If teens physically threaten you, tell them you will also move away. Much of the conversation is questions NOT just a lecture. They will be resistant to this, so break it into manageable bits: If you can just take one or two - then you should congratulate yourself. I feel very upset to see you so upset. This will help us know how to best help you. This also means that systems which do the complex learning, communication and thinking have been shut down. Instead of reasoning with, arguing with or yelling at a teenager, take a moment to calm yourself. Mad teen tube

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Mad teen tube

Mad teen tube

Mad teen tube

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    Teaching repair skills means teaching teens to apologise the words to say, when and how , how to be kind following an argument, how to quietly acknowledge hurt what to do, and not to do after an argument ie not cheerfully asking for money three seconds after saying sorry!

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    If you can just take one or two - then you should congratulate yourself.

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    Distract — help them add other things into their mind — Playstation, TV, coming up with ideas about weekend, quizzes, other play etc. If teens are verbally abusing you, tell them you are going to move away into the next room and will come back in a few minutes. At some time when everyone is calm, the teenager is then required to have a follow up conversation about what happened, what went wrong and how it can be done differently next time.

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