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Holland sex teen

Start early, use every-day opportunities, and have an active, ongoing dialogue with your child. Discrepancies Despite its successes, not everyone is entirely happy with this approach. Tell children that they are unique. When leading sessions for students ages years, their focus is on changes that occur during puberty, such as having periods and acknowledging feelings and attractions. Early Intervention What do the Dutch do differently? Shing Chan is a school teacher who leads the sexuality education classes at a primary school in central Amsterdam. Displays in this exhibit include the science of sexual attraction, the French kiss, the many forms of contraception, and mannequins in various sexual positions. When having conversations, ask about peer group or friends first and use open-ended questions. Although mandatory, actual information can vary, teachers may not receive specific training and the classes are not standardized. Remind them that you love them and that they are special. Factors such as curiosity and peer pressure often drive young people to have sex. In fact, the average age for their first sexual intercourse is 17, a year older than in Britain. Research also shows that the majority of young people in the Netherlands use some form of protection when having sex and have relatively low rates of HIV infection and sexually-transmitted diseases. However, parents should be encouraged to discuss topics at home and keep the lines of communication open. Classes are conducted separately for boys and girls, and are done in small groups, several times per year. What is the Dutch attitude to sex education and what will your child be taught in school? For example: Holland sex teen

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Holland sex teen

Holland sex teen

Holland sex teen

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    Parents are told at the beginning of the year which issues will be discussed, but are not typically notified before each sexuality education session. Classes are conducted separately for boys and girls, and are done in small groups, several times per year. Explain what happens during puberty, including bodily changes and sexual attraction.

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    Since , age-appropriate sex education — including gender identity issues — is compulsory in all Dutch schools. Early Intervention What do the Dutch do differently?

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