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Ways to be the best girlfriend. 3. Give him some space..

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How to Improve Your Relationship

Ways to be the best girlfriend

Remember that the things you spent your time doing when you were single are the things that helped attract him to you in the first place. But every once in a while, tell your guy that tonight is all about him. Be good to his friends. So instead of moping around for the rest of the night, deeply sighing every time he comes around, just tell him how you feel. Guys love to argue and engage in some friendly debate. Let him know how much you love when he hugs you long and hard, or how cute his hair looks today. Drop a card in the mail just because, or whip up his favorite meal when you spot asparagus on sale at the supermarket. He's going to feel pretty awesome knowing that if he fails, you'll still be there. Being a little clingy is one thing but being a pushover is a whole different story. Do your own thing and have your own friends and hobbies. Give him a reason to do the things you want him to. Where could he be? A trap that many people in relationships fall into is blaming their partner when problems arise. The top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self. Ways to be the best girlfriend

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Ways to be the best girlfriend

Ways to be the best girlfriend

Ways to be the best girlfriend

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  1. Keramar says:

    I bet that not all — if any — of his previous girlfriends ever did anything like that for him and you will stand out in his mind. Here's how you can be a better partner, stat. If your boyfriend seems stressed and begins to withdraw, just let him be.

  2. Faenris says:

    Liked what you just read? Many men complain that they feel as if they can't do anything right when it comes to the woman their dating, and this is where the praising comes in handy. Buy a round of beer for the gang next time you take a group outing, or offer to make snacks for their weekly game night.

  3. Kall says:

    For me, it's as simple as curling a few strands of hair before a Skype date—for you, it might be swapping flats for heels on your next night out.

  4. Vizuru says:

    It's amazing, right?

  5. Taugami says:

    Be good to his friends. In fact, if you never argue with your boyfriend, your relationship is probably already doomed.

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