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Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend. Loop market.

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Jamaican Nicknames

Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend

Here are a few cute names to call your boyfriend — Asterix — smart and unbeatable in brains Bagheera — lithe and handsome as the black panther in Jungle Book Ferdinand the Bull — huge body with a soft heart Goofy — for the guy who is always awkward around you Nemo — for the cute and curious guy Obelix — big, cute and all heart Popeye — for the muscular and always ready to help guy Scooby-Doo — for one who only thinks about food. There are instances where women used derogative nicknames — albeit inadvertently — for their boyfriends because they were misled by friends, or they misunderstood the meaning. Birdie — Another nickname for slim people. Shaggy — Often given to persons with Shaggy hair. Tuffie — Nickname given to someone, especially females who are muscular and well chiselled. Be as Creative as You Want — while choosing the nickname, engage your creativity to make it unique. Bugsy — A label given to persons with buffed teeth Men love to know that their girlfriends see them as handsome, macho, strong and dependable. You will amazed at how many lovely cute nicknames for guys are there when you are really looking for one. Liver Lip, Lippy or Lipppo — Those with thickset lips are sure to be teased with this nick name Pumpkin — need we say more? Choose Names That Inspires Love — choose a name that tells him and the whole world how much you love him. Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend

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Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend

Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend

Jamaican nicknames for boyfriend

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