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How to put in a quick weave. The Quick Weave is an Easy Option to Quickly Change Your Hairstyle.

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How to put in a quick weave

At this point, I like to attach a clip or T-pin through the wefts to keep them all together. Cut off the excess end. Trust me it works! Most women are prepared to sit in a chair for over three hours if not more to get their favorite style. Once you get to this point, cut off the excess visible part of your stocking cap from around your head and your part. Even though the process is quicker than most other types of sew-ins, it still takes time for each track of the weft to dry before applying the next one. Follow the circle pattern with the weave and glue. The best way to apply it is precisely like the molding gel. Straight weaves with bangs are also a very popular hairstyle that you can rock with quick weave hairstyles. Some may argue that quick weaves are damaging but not if done properly and using the right tools such as the thick weave cap. Pros of Quick Weaves The cost to get a quick weave installed is cheap. Make sure your hair you dry your hair thoroughly because any moisture can cause bacteria to develop. A flat iron and a blow dryer 4. Form a u-shape with the weft and cut it according to the part in your hair that you created in the first step. Blow-dry or air-dry your hair. Pull your stocking cap to the edge of your hairline and press gently to secure it in place. How to put in a quick weave

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How to put in a quick weave

How to put in a quick weave

How to put in a quick weave

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