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Hollyoaks baby katy dies. Creation and casting.

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Hollyoaks - Baby Katy's death - I'll be right beside you

Hollyoaks baby katy dies

She then gives birth in the back of a burnt out car and is supported by Esther while giving birth. Let the chaos commence! For revenge she writes a Christmas card to Joe telling him about Freddie being in love with Lindsey. Sinead and Bart decide to raise the baby together so, along with Ruby, pressure Esther in to keeping her and Bart's involvement in the crash secret. She reveals that Sinead had leukaemia and Finn was a planned child to serve as a saviour sibling. Want up-to-the-minute soaps news, spoilers and gossip on your social feeds? How would she react to the news of his grisly death? Sinead shows no remorse and is promptly expelled. To begin with they find excitement in staying in a bed and breakfast but "then obviously as time goes on it gets a lot harder". She gets a job at Price Slice and after falling off a ladder, learns that she is having a girl. However the baby takes a long time to arrive and Sinead worries the baby will be born on Katy's birthday. Diane decides to call the baby Katy and when the baby is taken home Diane looks after the baby, Sinead decides she can't watch Diane look after the baby and moves out of Diane's house by herself. Hollyoaks baby katy dies

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Hollyoaks baby katy dies

Hollyoaks baby katy dies

Hollyoaks baby katy dies

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    Lindsey doesn't approve of Freddie marrying Sinead and when Sinead sees them hugging again she gets the wrong idea again and sleeps with Robbie.

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