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How to reject a girl. Five ways to reject a girl who likes you without breaking her heart.

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How To Reject Someone

How to reject a girl

Plus, it acknowledges that you have lost. In particular, figuring out how to reject someone nicely was always a struggle for me. Get straight with your intention to speak with him and leave him with a positive note. As tempting as a quick text-rejection might be, though, it's just bad form, says Steinorth. Prepare yourself As nice as you try to be, when you reject someone what you have to say has the potential to make the other person feel badly. The sun is still shining and one day, you would meet that special someone that makes everything worth it. Kill me instead. Be honest They don't say that honesty is the best policy for nothing. Thankfully, there are some easier, more tactful ways of saying goodbye than simply cutting and running or changing your phone number. The rejection cliches 1. Clear communication is best. Not to mention, he or she will also likely wonder why you didn't end things sooner and may get angry that you weren't more honest about your feelings. Whether you've been on one daytime coffee date or several more serious outings , parting ways tactfully requires the truth even if it's going to hurt. Rejection sucks no matter how much you sugar coated so you may as well be clear. You could say or do anything, but in the end his heart will be broken. You might be tempted to sugarcoat what you have to say, but that approach will just prolong the process and make things more frustrating for both parties. Honesty Being upfront about your feelings is the way to go. How to reject a girl

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How to reject a girl

How to reject a girl

How to reject a girl

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    An in-person breakup also gives you the chance to help the other person process what you've just told them should you feel the need to do so.

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    You also don't need to give a reason, though. Because closing the door slowly is still much better than slamming it. Clear communication is best.

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