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How to get a job testing cars. Applications.

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How to get a job testing cars

We are united by our mission and by our culture of valuing each other, our cities, and our planet. Your skills will develop remarkably quickly, on test tracks and the road, as you rack up big miles each year in many types of car, always mindful that keeping a clean sheet is a great way to keep your job… My early training was with the High Performance Club and the legendary John Lyon. It will not be easy. A journalism qualification might not go amiss but you can expect to start on the bottom rung, as a staff writer or junior road tester. Warning Test car drivers need a lot of stamina to spend long hours behind the wheel of a car. In cities all over the world people need fast, affordable, sustainable mobility. This year, Loris Bicocchi set up a school for those interested in becoming supercar test drivers. Opportunities for Test Drivers Test drivers can work directly for a manufacturer or magazine or join an auto engineering firm that provides testing services and supplies test drivers on contract. How do you acquire the driving skills to feel comfortable with a supercar? As a test driver, you will drive the car in many different locations and under different circumstances, pushing the car to its limit. Supercar engineer For the more technically minded enthusiast, the engineering route might appeal more. Test car driving, however, can be a hard field to break in to. Occasionally jobs are advertised but the best way to get a foot in the door is on work experience. Diversity in our team has been and will continue to be essential to succeeding at our mission to provide Electric Vehicles for Everyone. Experience in autosports provides good preparation for test driving. But this job usually is not given to just anybody who walks in. How to get a job testing cars

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How to get a job testing cars

How to get a job testing cars

How to get a job testing cars

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