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Dating brass candlesticks. Join the conversation.

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Dating brass candlesticks

How do you guys tell? Nozzles, if there are, were the only part produced by hammering or by combine hammering and casting. A visible seam running down the side of the stem usually indicates an earlier date, when they were being cast in two halves. Figure 1 - A Charles II hammered candlestick with lobed section. Antique brass very rarely has sharp edges, as these get smoothed down after years of polishing. With modern candles, all this ejecting business is unnecessary - they don't generally get stuck in the socket. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Used before the invention of electricity, candleholders made from brass were a much-needed utilitarian decorative, made both for function and beauty by master craftsmen. This is partly due to the addition of a small amount of lead in the earlier alloy. In particular i'm talking about brass or copper candlesticks. From this date on the level of decoration increased Figure 11 and Figure 4 - Cast candlestick with lobed and gadrooned decoration. Look at rounded corners on the brass candleholder for smoothness. Weight was always high, ranging from g per pair for the shortest and to - 1, g or more per pair for the tallest ones. In many examples the base is now round with rimmed decoration and baluster vase-shape decorated stem. Figure 3 - A very early plane design cast candlestick. Dating brass candlesticks

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Dating brass candlesticks

Dating brass candlesticks

Dating brass candlesticks

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    Eighteenth century candlesticks tend to be more elegant than Victorian ones, which often look rather heavy. During Charles II period around candlesticks were generally made of hammered silver. There appears to be a cast iron shaft running down the stick because it emerges from the underside.

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