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Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona. Air Boingo Tower by Zero Gravity in Dallas, Texas.

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Will Smith Bungee Jumps Out of a Helicopter!

Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona

Jumpers at this bridge enjoy a brilliant foot jump while taking in the beautiful mountain landscape. Bungee Jumping Near Phoenix, AZ Jonita Davis - Updated March 23, Bungee jumping in the Phoenix area means plunging from a great height down to the desert land, only to be ratcheted away from sudden death by a set of stretchy bands and cords. During those three extreme days, extreme sports enthusiasts jump off the bridge for a massive rush and, at times, to attempt world records. The bridge runs over the San Gabriel River, but doesn't connect two roads; instead it just dead ends into a mountain after the road project in the 's was scrapped. Games in Canyon City, Colorado http: Make Your Own Expedition Despite Phoenix's lack of a good bungee industry, you can create your own expedition using rented equipment or by scheduling an expedition. Scheduling your own expedition will require a fee close to four digits as you must pay for the associates operating the equipment, travel and insurance, in addition to the normal fees for the service. However, jumpers have to be careful these days. Finding an Expedition Expeditions gather together a group to go bungee jumping in a specific location. It is encouraging for the less brave, but still a bit daunting. This narrow bridge is located over Snake River just a little bit away from the more famous Perrine Bridge. Bungee Expeditions of Marble Canyon is a traveling expedition company that operates in the western half of the U. One company operates in the Phoenix, Arizona area. However, their Northern California Bridges tour takes jumpers to the highest and most exciting bridges in Northern California. The bridge dangles between two sides of a canyon over a small river. Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona

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Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona

Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona

Bungee jumping in phoenix arizona

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