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You Are In Love - Taylor Swift (Cover by Travis Atreo)

You are in love by taylor swift

After dancing, Gaston whispers into Swift's ear and Swift is then seen pondering at night with a lantern. Are you ready for a majorly touching tidbit to be revealed? The album addresses the emotions and reflections ensued from romantic relationships, Swift's common theme. Below are 13 -- T. On the set, someone had replaced the playback CD with a high-pitch, altered version of the song. Even then, they can't forget about each other. I love how the song feels the way that that feeling felt. Swift decided to collaborate with Fanjoy once again because she had been able to balance both of their ideas for music videos, something Swift appreciated deeply. Jack Antonoff, with whom Swift had teamed up on "Sweeter Than Fiction" in October , co-wrote and co-produced two tracks on the standard edition. I mean, they're close enough to act like total goofballs together: You are in love by taylor swift

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You are in love by taylor swift

You are in love by taylor swift

You are in love by taylor swift

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