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Vengaboys cartoon. most popular.

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Vengaboys - We Like To Party (Extended Version)

Vengaboys cartoon

Sunday Star Times. Vengaboys selfie , from Instragram. To make just a simple tune that's so catchy people can't resist turning it up and dancing to it- this is very hard! Maybe they're just prepared to accept now that the Vengaboys make easy, happy, fun music, and that's perfect if you just wanna have a party without having to think too much. Dolphins are so cute! Featuring a cameo from celeb blogger Perez Hilton, the video was a big budget sci-fi extravaganza, but still, the song steadfastly refused to become a hit. Things like Barbie Girl by Aqua- these are very cheesy songs that sound like they're easy to make, but they are not, and when people hear them, they go crazy! It is by far their biggest-selling song. Vengaboys was really going nuts at that time, but I left for a while because I needed to spend a little more time based in one place in Europe. But then we had some Number One hits and things got serious, so now we're still doing it, after 20 years. Vengaboys cartoon

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Vengaboys cartoon

Vengaboys cartoon

Vengaboys cartoon

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  1. Yojora says:

    Elsewhere in Europe and overseas, a lot of older people are there, too, both gay and straight, with a lot of fabulous wigs and dressing up and so on. If you think about it, that's actually a pretty long joke. Roy, the first cowboy, is an air steward now.

  2. Mogor says:

    Musically, their beats and melodies do not send assorted cutting edge composers and producers lurching for the phone book, eager to engage copyright lawyers. We're Going To Ibiza is a globe-conquering slice of pallid Euro reggae. People love our songs, even though they may be cheesy.

  3. Groran says:

    The video is amazingly ugly, but it was a really expensive production because it's in 3D. If we perform in the UK, it might be at a university where people are 17 or 18, but they know all the words, even though these songs are as old as they are! They've sold upwards of 25 million records to date, many of them in our own backyard.

  4. Guran says:

    Ditto the steel-drum heavy Uncle John From Jamaica, whose video features sexy chamber maids dancing around a holiday resort in the tropics.

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