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Pornstars who have herpes. Recommended Posts.

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I Got Herpes

Pornstars who have herpes

Every girl will have something positive to say about her current agency, and something negative usually many things! Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Is there anyone you've really wanted to work with, but haven't yet? The California pornography industry is a destructive, drug infested, abusive and sexually diseased industry which causes severe negative secondary effects on female and male adult industry workers as well as the general public. What about exposure to diseases? It is estimated that there are 4. At that time, a male performer who had tested HIV negative only three days earlier infected three of 14 female performers. Read Part 2. She is totally devastated in that she caught a non-curable disease. I'll say that once more: You can't catch an STD from someone who doesn't have one, even without condoms! Pornstars who have herpes

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Pornstars who have herpes

Pornstars who have herpes

Pornstars who have herpes

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    Shelley, an ex-porn star, is the founder and president of The Pink Cross Foundation. Remember always: I am confident of the above because not only was I a stripper, pornographic performer and escort in the California pornography industry from to , but I have also counseled with or spoken to over female and male workers in the pornography industry as well as those struggling with pornography addiction.

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    At that time, a male performer who had tested HIV negative only three days earlier infected three of 14 female performers.

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    Pornographic performers usually prefer escorting because the pay is much higher and sex acts are not as degrading or physically demanding. Once they know they can open-up to you, and share their intimate emotional and cerebral aspects with you, they will rapidly transfer that sense of comfort and security into their carnal and visceral centers - and they will open-up other aspect of themselves Among porn performers screened in —, 7.

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    My team and I currently work with hundreds of people struggling with pornography addiction in the Pink Cross Foundation Help Forums.

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