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Hermione Granger's Stolen Treasure - Chapter 1 (Fanfiction)

Harry rapes hermione

The Sorting Hat stood atop one of the towers looking down. Well, at least this FFF is getting to the point. Now… Oh for crying out loud don't stop stirring yet or we'll have to start all over again. I believe you. This is crazy! She returned to her dormitory where Harry and Ron managed to slip unnoticed through the door before it closed. He could have done another ranting experience akin to the Dumbledore situation at the end of OOTP, if less violent, and between Ron walking out and having just faced down Voldemort and nearly dying for it, nearly getting Hermione killed as well, only to have his wand, his most trusted tool and oldest ally given what we learn of wands in Deathly Hallows, having his wand forever ruined so far as he knows, should have been a perfect point to let out his despair and loss. The great hall was very lively that evening as every student was talking about the four students that hung from the goals out on the pitch. He bit down over her clit and began chomping away. She came to help me when she had nothing to gain by it. Perhaps for us some good will come of this. Harry rapes hermione

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Harry rapes hermione

Harry rapes hermione

Harry rapes hermione

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    He looked at the young girl that had her back towards him while he pulled the orange juice in one draw. Hermione creates a potion to get Ron's attention, but gets his fathers attention instead.

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