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Sexy dress suit. How to look awesome in a suit..

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Sexy dress suit

There are two common mistakes that some men make that completely ruin the trousers and expose that they might not fit. A tailor can't fix a bunk, saggy shoulder, so make sure the seam ends right at the outside of yours. If you wear the wrong vest, it might look silly. With the jacket buttoned, slide your thumb between the button and your gut. With the addition of a hidden platform and a pointed toe, these pumps make her legs look even longer. All or most of your suits should be two-button suits. For the record, the rule of thumb on lapel size goes like this: Bow ties are cool Essentially, the trousers should not go beyond your shoes otherwise you might step on them and the seat of your trousers should fit your behind perfectly. Yes, pockets. A buddy's wedding? Not only is this a great choice if you want to be a little more covered, but it's also an incredibly sophisticated look. Besom pockets are found on more formal jackets and tuxedos and have no flap. Sexy dress suit

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Sexy dress suit

Sexy dress suit

Sexy dress suit

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    Putting a button on buttons. We're talking silhouette and there are two ways to go: Put that thing back on the rack.

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    Still got room to move?

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    We like a slim tie, slim lapels, and a small-collar dress shirt, so everything is in sync. Most guys overestimate their jacket size. If you wear the wrong vest, it might look silly.

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