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Can you have sex in the shower. Newsletter.

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Getting Cara to Have Sex in the Shower

Can you have sex in the shower

Between the weirdo positions you're pretty much forced to get into when you're having shower sex, coupled with everything being slippery in the shower, your chances of his penis bending in in a weird angle are easily greater than in just about any other location. Here, their nine tips. As with any equipment you're relying on for personal safety, you should double-check that it's high-quality equipment and that it's installed correctly to avoid preventable mishaps. Probably not, right? After all, water is not a substitute for lube and the comfort, pleasure and safety of both you and your lover are the most important parts of sex. Plus, you can alternate as often as you want, so you each get a break from holding yourselves up in potentially slippery circumstances. Stand with one leg bent onto the rim of the tub to keep your balance Captain Morgan style , and have your partner sit between your legs and go down on you. And Most Importantly: Since you're in a confined space, your go-to positions may no longer work. And remember, soap isn't lube. Can you have sex in the shower

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Can you have sex in the shower

Can you have sex in the shower

Can you have sex in the shower

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