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Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines. Report Abuse.

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24 Oras: Umano'y cybersex dens na sangkot sa "online sextortion," sinakalay ng NBI

Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines

These people see sex as simply an ordinary thing. This will unnecessarily expose citizenry to leaked information, or worse, to extortion from certain bad elements in these agencies. We can be the best in everything. We can consider cyber-sex as deviant act. The Act actually seeks to punish cyber prostitution, white slave trade and pornography for favor and consideration. These people might come from different social class but again, people coming from higher social status are prone to be like them since they all have everything that is necessary to commit this act such as time and technology. And because of that, many would love to have easy money. People in the early days of chat communication often visit a chat group with people having common interests. This is also a way for them to eliminate or at least minimize the chances of infidelity. But cyber-sex is not all about exploitation. Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines

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Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines

Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines

Is cybersex acceptable in the philippines

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    For my last note, as people living in the age of cyber technology, my suggestion is to use this technology for the good of mankind and not to let this technology use us. In this case, parents and family members see this activity as less immoral and acceptable.

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    But at the same time, we are prone to all kinds of theft — investments including financial and intellectual and even identity. There are two possibilities that might happen to these kids engaging in sex in early part of their lives — they may see sex as an ordinary thing or some may feel insecurities and uncertainties that will haunt them till the rest of their lives. In this case, parents and family members see this activity as less immoral and acceptable.

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