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Adult eco camps. 4 reasons to choose The Eco Camp.

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Adult eco camps

Clelia, Australia. Can you remember the rules though? And the owners of the place are great, very kind and welcoming! The Triglav National Park is very near so you can take the bus or ride a bike which you can rent at the camp for very small fee. Thank you. Adas, Lithuania Amazing place by the river: It was quite spacious and it looked just like the pictures. Divide into two teams and for each round nominate a team member who has to try and keep a straight face while the other team does everything they can to make them laugh. It's a really nice location but not if it gets a bit colder outside. The river close by is a wonderful setting. Adult eco camps

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Adult eco camps

Adult eco camps

Adult eco camps

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  1. Akirr says:

    Thank you.

  2. Vogal says:

    Who am I? Clelia, Australia. Liselot, Netherlands The camping is wonderful, set in a beautiful location by the river.

  3. Mazumuro says:

    For a city boy like me this change of environment was the perfect vacation. Stay here for sure! Also great facilities, especially the cooking place with pots and pans and everything.

  4. Nikogal says:

    Beautiful surroundings near the river. The Triglav National Park is very near so you can take the bus or ride a bike which you can rent at the camp for very small fee.

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