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Mullet hair girl. Explore Southern Living.

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Cutting My Mullet!

Mullet hair girl

This is me being who I am for me, not for anyone else. This is also extremely fashion forward. I see myself with the buzz, though, as…kinda no-bullshit? I was really on the fence in the days preceding my cut. Ultimately, I decided to ignore my existential angst. A buzz cut. Can a real woman pull off a mullet haircut? A huge chop suddenly felt like a good way to feel a little less stuck, a little more in touch with her memory, and to realize my agency at this stage of my life. I love the cut. Long Blond Throwback Mullet Photo: Then hey presto you have a rock star mullet! Well, unbelievably, the two-tiered hairstyle is back in fashion. No one ever praised my mousy ponytail. Mullet hair girl

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Mullet hair girl

Mullet hair girl

Mullet hair girl

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    From a practical standpoint, having long hair is pretty handy. Teaming her choppy coif and gothic visage with a wardrobe of baggy, borrowed-from-the-boys separates, such as old T-shirts, roomy raver pants, and Hanes briefs, King is blurring gender lines in more ways than one.

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