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Dating english postcards. More in the series.

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How to Talk about DATES in English

Dating english postcards

They would lick the tip of their brush as they worked. The address side gives the date the card was manufactured, September , along with instructions that ONLY the address was to appear on this side of the card, with further instructions on how to write the address accurately. The back of the card was divided more evenly, making the message area bigger. As a result, we have to find our clues from the card itself. Every French commune is required to have such a memorial, well-cared for and decorated with flowers every 8th May and 11th November, usually with an accompanying ceremony. The back was undivided by a line. If you have the postage rates you can work out when it was mailed. All the images are scans of postcards in my own collection. The earliest cards date from the midth century and have a very well-documented history. Divided backs were introduced. It was permitted to place the stamp on the back or the front of the postcard. With colour photography, this colouring method became almost non-existent. They used a method called chomolithography. Dating english postcards

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Dating english postcards

Dating english postcards

Dating english postcards

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    There were also other legends such as Souvenir Cards. Pre Different paper types and qualities were used at different periods. Not having to print a stamp onto the card freed the postcard publishers to use any printing method, this freedom allowing publishers to produce photographic images.

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    When private produced postcards were first permitted, they were called Private Mailing Cards. Manufacturers soon produced postcards with a line on the back to indicate the division between message and address. Postal Rates for the USA, Great Britain, and France The following tables show the postage rates for postcards from the pres until approximately the mids.

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