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Babycenter tools. Introduction.

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Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15 - 20 - BabyCenter

Babycenter tools

We hope you have a Happy Halloween! Initially the apps only featured pregnancy articles that could be found on the BabyCenter website, but over the years the feature set has expanded to include a growing list of app-specific tools such as a photo journal for pregnant women, a photo journal for documenting a baby's first year, and an "is it safe? In April of that year, the two founders sold BabyCenter to another website, eToys. Follow your baby's growth with new interactive images featuring improved hot spots and a full-screen viewing mode. In , BabyCenter launched a Spanish language website as well as its first mobile site. In , BabyCenter released Mom Feed, its first mobile app for parents of toddlers and older children ages 1 to 8. Ratings and Reviews. Its independence also gives BabyCenter permission to collect a plethora of data about new mothers that it can use to inform its own marketing. BabyCenter launched a blog called Momformation in You can leave us a review or get in touch directly with app feedback or suggestions: BabyCenter will recruit moms for one- to two-day focus groups for advertisers. The bulk of the traffic to the site is coming from women seeking information on topics like fetal development and labor and delivery, feeding and toilet training. The point turned out to be the five-month point. And by the way — thank you for the 5-star review! So we've worked through over 50 issues to squash those creepy crawly bugs and annoying app crashes. The site could use more video and visuals overall. Babycenter tools

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Babycenter tools

Babycenter tools

Babycenter tools

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    BabyCenter launched a blog called Momformation in The blog, with its potential to generate attention for the site on the wider Web, is one way BabyCenter is trying to stay current. We always love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how to make the app better, so feel free to add your suggestions to your 5-star!

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    We're also glad so many people are loving the new tools we introduced last month — Baby Names Finder and the Memories photo tool. Ratings and Reviews. Weekly fetal images let you see how your baby is growing and developing.

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