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University sexual harassment training. President's Twitter.

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University sexual harassment training

Once you begin a module, you can start and stop your training and your progress is saved, except in the middle of a video. Office of Equal Opportunity. I'm not a supervisor; I don't supervise staff or students. Employee Training Haven for Faculty and Staff This course is a mandatory requirement for all faculty and staff, including extra help employees of the University of Illinois System. Q — Need technical help? If the browser is attempting to display mixed content, it will provide you with this notice in the URL bar with a notification, and you can click this notification to allow this. Contact your Human Resources consultant to schedule a training. Title IX administrators also observed an uptick in formal complaints following the Harvey Weinstein scandal last year, which launched the international MeToo movement. This is not only the responsibility of our leadership through example, development of policy, and administrative actions, it is a responsibility that we all share, must be willing to understand and to which we must all contribute. During the school year, 67 percent of College students completed the training offered that year — a statistic Title IX experts said was an impressive completion rate, but still left room for improvement. Your manager, at their discretion, may require you to take the Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Course due to your job responsibilities even if you do not manage direct reports. Begin the online training: University sexual harassment training

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University sexual harassment training

University sexual harassment training

University sexual harassment training

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