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Feet Nylon #5

Soles in nylon

Visit Website PU comes in two flavors: Unfortunately, the same phthalates used to soften the PVC can leach out, and research has linked them to developmental defects in children. Nike supplements Nylon with Vectran, a component of helicopter rescue hoist cables and astronaut safety tethers. Give Dyneema a try. And though PU is typically a good intermediate between plastic and rubber, it tends to be on the tougher, stiffer side and is therefore better suited to hardwearing soles or support pieces like shanks, heel plates, and midsoles. Different weaves provide a gradient of support across the shoe. EVA has more spring to it than PU, which makes it ideal for trail runners. Not strong enough? This abrasion resistant, chemical-resistant, UV-resitant polymer prodigy even floats on water. Another benefit? In the future, knits could incorporate wool, Kevlar, or even steel threads. That means lower shipping costs, reduced likelihood of cheap foreign labor, and less material waste. PU is somewhat UV-sensitive, and without UV-blocking pigments or additives, PU will grow yellow and brittle after long exposure to sunlight. Polyester will break down in wet environments, though, so shoemakers marketing to tropical adventurers should opt for polyether. Soles in nylon

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Soles in nylon

Soles in nylon

Soles in nylon

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    Manufacturers weave these shoes from the ground up in one location. This abrasion resistant, chemical-resistant, UV-resitant polymer prodigy even floats on water.

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    Another benefit?

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