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Asianmassagesex. Best Massage & Oil Porn.

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Japanese Massage--Relaxing Muscle and Relieving Stress Full Legs丨EP.7


She started out with two fingers, worked in the third and then the forth finger and before I even realized what she was doing, she had her whole hand in my pussy massaging my cunt walls and I can't even begin to describe the feeling she gave me. We lay in each other's arms for a while recuperating, kissing and talking with Jade telling me I was the best cunt lapper she ever had and all sexy I was and how she was going to train me to be her sex slave, all of which I was eating up. She did my back and arms putting me in heaven and had now put oil on my ass and legs and started working her magic on my ass and she did a wonderful job on my ass, so good that my legs had opened all by themselves. She kissed me again driving me absolutely wild and told me she had to taste my pussy and make me cum in her mouth and all I could do was moan, "Yes baby yes, eat my pussy baby, eat my fucking pussy as she got between my legs. I instantly became addicted to Jade's hot cum and knew that I was now going to so whatever Jade told me just so I could taste her sweet cum and I was now eating her pussy like a mad woman so I could make her cum in my mouth again. I was now totally immobile and hers to do with as she pleased and I waited with a lot of anticipation to see what she had in mind. Now I had been kissed by a girl before, actually twice, once in junior high and we were playing spin the bottle and it was one of the girls turn and the bottle stopped on me and they made us kiss and the second time was in college when my roommate was drunk and kissed me. When her hands started massaging my shoulders they were quite warm and again I felt a spasm in my needy pussy and I tried to put it out of my head. She took her tongue out of my mouth, looked me in the eye and said, "Oh baby, you make me so fucking hot baby, I need you, I need to fuck you baby and make you my cunt," to which I breathlessly replied, "Oh yes fuck me Jade, fuck me, make me your cunt, I need to be your cunt sweetheart, oh god, fuck me hard Jade, fuck me hard" as I came all over her leg. She washed m y pussy, then put on shaving lather and very slowly shaved my cunt hair while manipulating my cunt lips and pussy hole and by the time she finished shaving me, my pussy was leaking like a faucet. I was moaning, begging and making sex noises as that feeling over powered me again and I was cumming but this time I blacked out for a few seconds or so as when I was aware again, Jade was holding me in her arms and kissing my face and tits. Jade said, "That's a good cunt, lick my pussy you fucking little whore, show Jade what a hot fucking cunt lapper you are baby and make Jade cum in your beautiful fucking mouth. I moaned and she smiled at me and asked if her baby liked what she did to me and all I could say then was, "Oh God yes, yes, yes, yes! She started pumping harder and telling me to take it all and that I was her hot cunted lesbian fucking whore now and my cunt was made for her to use and this time when I came I blacked out for a few seconds or maybe even longer. She massaged for a minute or so and then put warm oil on my back and started working it in and it felt so good I was almost comatose as she worked her magic on my body. Asianmassagesex

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