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How to use hair revitalizer. Reminder Successfully Set!.

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How to use hair revitalizer

It can be used both pre and post your weekly hair wash. Non sticky and easy to use. Lather and leave on for 2 minutes. No mineral oils or paraffin oil or petrolatum or liquid paraffin What your hair oil should have: If you can, wrap a hot steaming towel around your head for 10 minutes. This is a new generation of hair revitalizer which replenishes your hair to give them a completely new life. Ideal for all types of hair. Wet hair thoroughly with warm not hot water. How to Use Skin Revitalizer In the morning: Hair Conditioner A hair conditioner penetrates hair to smoothen down roughened cuticles to improve smoothness, gloss and texture. This is one of the best revitalizing tonics available commercially and a 15 ml tube is available for Rs. How to use hair revitalizer

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How to use hair revitalizer

How to use hair revitalizer

How to use hair revitalizer

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    Shampoo as usual.

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    Your strands are longer, stronger and much healthier. It reduces hair fall and makes your hair less receptive to dust and pollution.

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