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Describe a beautiful girl in one word. Leave a comment.

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Guys defining Girls in one word. 여자를 한마디로

Describe a beautiful girl in one word

Fetching very attractive; charming; alluring; capturing interest. Dazzling brilliant; splendid; extremely bright, impressive, skillful or beautiful; astounding; shining and shimmering intensely. Abrasive, noun 'Irritating in manner or personality; causing tension or annoyance. Just in what they are. It lingered in the room long after she had gone. Sexy is a word that I believe translates into other languages and most people have an understanding of. Spruce elegant, smart and neat in appearance. Hormonal, adj Both men and women have hormones, but from the use of the word 'hormonal', you might forget that. Also keep in mind that beautiful is not just used to describe people, but also places and things, which is much more universal. Bootylicious voluptuous; curvaceous; callipygous; sexually attractive. Buxom having a pleasing curves. Polished shiny and smooth; refined; elegant; cultured; having no errors or imperfections; flawless. So, as this adjective describes someone who is expressing their natural feelings, you'd expect it to be gender-neutral. Splendid brilliant with color or light; radiant; splendor and very beautiful; showy; very good; magnificent; pompous; famous; celebrated. Describe a beautiful girl in one word

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Describe a beautiful girl in one word

Describe a beautiful girl in one word

Describe a beautiful girl in one word

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    Rakish sportingly or dashingly stylish; jaunty. Beautified having been made beautiful; made beautiful. Exalted praised; elevated; honored; elated; dignified; heavenly; sublime; lofty.

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    Fly stylish; fashionable; beautiful; mentally sharp, smart or alert. See also: Something that is attractive or interesting it appeals to you.

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    It was the custom for her people, I reckoned.

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