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Dirty Teacher 2013 Based on True Stories


What is the carrot? GCT is in need of finding adequate storage space and scene shop space. The adoptee can name themselves or in honor of, in memory of, or simply display the name of their spouse, their family, their child on a beautifully mounted arm plaque. Renovation For years GCT struggled to have the financial resources to truly renovate Main Street into a state of the art performance theatre. The center rocking chair seats were purchased from another theatre many years ago. The beautifully renovated seats on the sides of The Theatre are the original seats. Additionally, all new electrical wiring has been upgraded. All of the rigging, drapes, and electrics are new and completely up to code. The floor in the lobby is the original terrazzo tile. GCT now enjoys state of the art technical equipment. Here at GCT we say the communication is the key to everything!!! Xxxratedmovies

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    Our theatre currently holds people.

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    Additionally, all new electrical wiring has been upgraded. In the sixties, The Theatre was managed by Mr. Wheelchairs do not have to maneuver the steep ramp and the visibility and audio is excellent in that special area.

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