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10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real

The reader love scene

I came at it and thought, "Where do I begin? There is great chemistry between Kross and Winslet, and their love scenes are bold and intimate. You see her doing it on her fingers. Of course [there's] that moment when, "I need to see a sample of your handwriting," she will take that life sentence [rather than] admit she's illiterate. She just thought she was doing her job. Schoolboy Michael David Kross , 15, becomes ill and is helped home by Hanna Kate Winslet , 36, a lonesome train conductor. Ok, so doing my job meant I was committing a crime, is that what it is? I really went somewhere. As a novel by Bernhard Schlink, The Reader offered a forceful look at the seductive effect of the Third Reich as it gained power and the effect it had on the first post-war generation. They're practically falling apart. And it doesn't matter how nervous you get before shooting scenes like that. These two projects were wildly different in terms of how I had to approach them. When he recognizes one as his former lover, the ever deepening gyre of emotions and ideas spins. Nearly a decade later, Michael, now a law student, again encounters his former lover, this time defending herself in a Nazi war-crime trial. The reader love scene

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The reader love scene

The reader love scene

The reader love scene

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