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Must read classic books of all time. Classic Non-Fiction Books (again, in no particular order).

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5 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Must read classic books of all time

Written from Huck's point of view and the American slang style is one of its many marvels , the story follows the teenager as he and a freed slave named Jim sail down the Mississippi on a raft. During the journey he witnesses many atrocities carried out on the native Africans by the colonialists, and learns of an ivory trader named Kurtz who has set himself up as a demigod among the tribes of the region. Melville had previously been a successful writer of maritime adventure stories, but then he penned this ambitious tale of a maddened sea captain, obsessed with hunting down a white whale, and it proved a little too much for readers at the time. And, being Dickens, the book is jam-packed with unforgettable characters, not least of all London itself- the sprawl of the city and the curling tentacles of fog have never been depicted so powerfully. Curated Collections of Classic Literature. Many years later, Anne's former love returns as a wealthy man - but is it all too late? The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury Because these 18 science fiction short stories, tied together by the illustrated man covered in tattoos, are as relevant today as they were in Enter your email below to hear more from Drama. This is as big as British novels get - if the epic Russian novelist Tolstoy had been born in the UK, he would have come up with something like this. Daniel Deronda. Anne of Green Gables L. A slice of English history that everyone should read. Lawrence Because it seems almost impossible that one man can be this brilliant and do so much. But it's the blissfully chaotic style that makes it so extraordinary. Previous newsletters can be viewed within the newsletter archive. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Because race continues to be the defining, and dividing, issue of modern America. Determined to out-do Dickens, Thackeray produced a storming, rip-roaring epic of British life, gave it an utterly wicked heroine and called it Vanity Fair. Must read classic books of all time

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Must read classic books of all time

Must read classic books of all time

Must read classic books of all time

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