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How the other woman feels. "I really should have recognized the pattern…".

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Real Talk - Cheating & Being The Other Woman

How the other woman feels

As much as we like to split everything into good and bad, the world is much more complicated. It didn't have a lock. Mason was dark-haired with an earring and miscellaneous tattoos. I craved more than that… We never crossed the line. We stole each moment we could out of the day. With this in mind, you have to make do with whatever little time you have together, and this could cut deep, especially if you have fallen in love. Lissy Elle I was never supposed to be the other woman. I became desperate for his affection and more insecure about our arrangement. You see the mastery of their lying and the way they manipulate the room. It was against my values. With a lot of work toward self-awareness, I've found that I am deserving of love. There was no awkwardness or harsh feelings, just shades of disillusionment. But I do wish we had this dialog. It felt like love, but it wasn't. How the other woman feels

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How the other woman feels

How the other woman feels

How the other woman feels

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