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Roller disco east london. Join a Free Rollerskating Event and See London from a Different Perspective.

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Soul Skate London - Friday 7th September - SilverSpoon Roller Disco - 10pm-5am

Roller disco east london

The Stratford Centre is a great example of this. This means they are obliged to keep the centre open and lit hours a day. Hopefully this film and other interest in the scene will help in that development. The difference today is that more people are finding different terrains to skate on. I enjoy the inventiveness of subcultures like this. How did you first come across these skaters? Scouting out rinks in Wembley, King's Cross and Vauxhall, Spencer follows a new generation of skaters, all who are increasingly finding their youth clubs falling to property development. What kind of a future do you think roller-skating has? His intern Emms is a quad skater and told me about the Stratford Centre scene. It looks good gliding along and is something that is shared. Why do you think it's important that we celebrate and support these subcultures? Kicked out of public spaces, one skater explains: I think it will probably grow and keep evolving. Getting away from your day-to-day and meeting new groups of people with a shared interest. What do you think draws people to this style of skating? The skaters turn up relatively late on in the day. The centre is a public right of way as it's one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares to the neighbouring Westfield mall. Roller disco east london

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Roller disco east london

Roller disco east london

Roller disco east london

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    The skaters are moving around people walking through the centre but most people are either beginning or coming to the end of a night out, scattered, with the odd commuter.

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