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Is it safe to douche during pregnancy. Popular topics.

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Is it safe to douche during pregnancy

Douching also can raise your chances of a vaginal infection or an STI. If you have thick vaginal discharge or redness and irritation around the region of your vagina, consult with your doctor. The process involves cleaning the vagina with water or other fluids such as vinegar or iodine, and this is done by squirting the liquid through a nozzle or tube inserted in the vagina. Unknown to us, there are a huge number of microorganisms and bacteria that are constantly working towards maintaining a healthy environment in the vaginal tract. This means that, along with the harmful bacteria, the good bacteria are eliminated as well. Studies also point to the fact that, when you douche, you increase your chances of exposure to phthalates. These then reach the fallopian tubes and ovaries and begin to infect them. Thanks to the increased amount of estrogen and progesterone doing the rounds around the body, itching downstairs starts to become a more frequent occurrence. The best way to be on the lookout for a vaginal infection is to inspect the discharge coming out. Your pregnancy will continue unabated and you will have a healthy baby as well. With all the hormones raging through the body, the response of this area is producing more discharge. Is it safe to douche during pregnancy

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Is it safe to douche during pregnancy

Is it safe to douche during pregnancy

Is it safe to douche during pregnancy

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    This keeps things nice, clean and moist yes, a cringe is allowed here throughout pregnancy.

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    Many women who douch convey to their doctors that they undertook this procedure for hygienic reasons. Rinsing the outside of your vagina with warm water will not harm your vagina.

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