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Subic bars. Subic Nightlife.

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3 Subic Bars

Subic bars

Subic Bay is a small resort town in the Philippines worth visiting. Usually, months prior to my journey I start to pipeline a list of girls from the location I plan to visit. Regarding girls, this time of the year you have the highest amount of bar girls in town. Soft drinks go for less than Pesos, spirits and cocktails for Pesos, while bottles with mixer from 1. Victory Liner is a bus company that runs regular journeys from Manila to Subic Bay. This type of Filipino girls are educated, so they can speak English and communicate with you. Angeles City bars have more girls, but also more punters. The Philippines is a Catholic country, and during Christmas and Easter holidays, most girls usually the hottest one go back to their village to spend the festivities with their parents. I rarely encountered them with Filipino Cupid. Not a good option because the port is in Orion which is 50 minutes away from Subic Bay. There are beaches and most importantly, HOT girls! If you just want a place to relax and have a few beer you have the resort hotel and several small bars to visit. Avoid visiting Subic Bay during these two Christian holidays. These are the prices for the entertainment venues… 1. The friendly interface and simple chat allow you to have multiple conversations at the same time without wasting time. Ready to start this exciting journey to Subic Bay? Subic bars

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Subic bars

Subic bars

Subic bars

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    In my opinion, no.

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    As you might know already, Filipina women are beautiful but there are many more reasons why they offer great girlfriend experiences. You can get cheap rooms near the red light district in Barretto or luxury accommodations by the sea.

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    Why pay more for less? We rashed up to the hotel while the intensity of wind and rain increased.

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