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Sexy Nurses

Sexy nurse image

Instead, the common theme seems to be that they are traditionally female jobs that are seen--we said seen--to involve simple personal service. However, as public health professionals at the University of Southern California's Hollywood, Health and Society project and elsewhere can attest, popular media items clearly do affect how people think and act with regard to health issues. So this is not about whether sexual images degrade all women, but about their frequent application to a specific professional group. In addition, a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that "ER"'s message is so influential that one-third of the show's viewers use information from the show to make health care decisions. And the "naughty nurse" has proven its staying power for decades. It's also common to see suggestions that objections to the constant association of nursing with sex indicate prudishness or a lack of humor. Even though those images are often "jokes" or "fantasies," the stereotypes they promote discourage practicing and potential nurses, foster sexual abuse in the workplace, and contribute to a general atmosphere of disrespect. When you combine this lack of respect, the intense college-level training nursing actually requires, and the difficulty and stress of nursing practice, it is no surprise that the profession remains in the midst of a global shortage driven by rampant short-staffing. But we doubt that something as culturally and temporally specific as the "naughty nurse" image of recent decades is biologically predetermined or immutable, at least on a society-wide basis. And the suggestion is not just that nurses are silly sluts ha ha! Those decisions were made on the basis of what the decision-makers government, hospital executives, the public thought about how important nursing was relative to other things they might do with the resources available. Some aspects of current human sexuality may be practically unchangeable, perhaps because they have a strong evolutionary basis, or for some other reason. At ground level, the devaluation of nursing translates into an underpowered profession that may not be strong enough to save your life when you need it to do so. Of course this sexualized female image is not the only reason, but it is part of an overwhelming social understanding of nursing as "submissive" and "female. Of course, it's not the only factor; the handmaiden stereotype is probably more damaging because it's more credible and widespread, and nursing would be a difficult, stressful job even if it was well understood. Of course, we realize that sexual fantasies do not go away simply because images become less prevalent, and that deep-seated sexual desires are presumably not subject to anyone's control. Sexy nurse image

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Sexy nurse image

Sexy nurse image

Sexy nurse image

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  1. Kazrajinn says:

    And the suggestion is not just that nurses are silly sluts ha ha!

  2. Shaktill says:

    But that's like arguing that cancer death has nothing to do with cigarettes, because it's really all about cancer.

  3. Vudoshura says:

    But the Truth About Nursing has never objected to sexual images generally--only to the use of nursing as a marker for dim, submissive, sexually available females. Recent research suggests that more sexualized work attire actually lessens respect for female workers in responsible jobs like management, causing others to see them as less competent and intelligent. Wouldn't they get more than their share of sexual abuse?

  4. Vudohn says:

    This is because health care decision makers--many of whom are sadly uninformed about what nursing really is--are less likely to devote scarce resources to a profession that has become so degraded in the public consciousness. In addition, a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that "ER"'s message is so influential that one-third of the show's viewers use information from the show to make health care decisions.

  5. Dougore says:

    That is not a feature that is generally associated with serious professionals. But the disposable bimbo image does not appeal to most career seekers.

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