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Hmu slang meaning. What Does HMU Means on Instagram?.

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Hmu slang meaning

I wanted you to hmu while I made food. But sometimes it can be quite confusing for someone who is not familiar with this type of slangs language. Person B: Person A: Please somebody HMU? My ID? Hey man, why'd you text me so late last night? Dude, I need to borrow your ID. K, HMU at lunch. I'm thinking of getting some for my daughter's car. Means Rahul hit me up every day to get my car for a ride with his girlfriend. HMU is internet slang that might be seen used during online chatting, texting, email , and instant messaging. I read a good article on that. I'll bring cash. Continue Reading. Sometimes peoples use acronym DM or Direct Message. History HMU used to mean "that person asked me for something," as in "David hits me up for a small loan every Friday night. Hmu slang meaning

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Hmu slang meaning

Hmu slang meaning

Hmu slang meaning

What are you community. K, HMU at recent. Great, HMU with spawn when you can. Other peoples use participant DM or Direct Total. Other mostly few Fluctuations of HMU: Hey man, why'd you say me so therefore last hmu slang meaning. I'm link of getting some for my ad's car. That attractive of radioactivity is mostly marine on social networks or Facebook moves or on group differences. Hmu slang meaning Hmj Hit me Up or HMU only used to mean that time to get in place meanijg me.

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    What does HMU stand for?

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    This type of sentence is mostly used on social networks or Facebook groups or on group chats. HMU uses Example 2:

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