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Hot girls with curly hair. .

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Hot girls with curly hair

There is a wildness about a curly haired woman, because she, like her hair, is not always easily tamed. She still inspires women of all ages and definitely gets the vote for some of the best curly hair for women over The combo of wildly sensual spirals with a prim, serious bang will turn him to putty. Try this: Taylor Swift channels Rapunzel by pulling her romantic, rippling ringlets back in a loose pony. The blonde mop fits her personality perfectly and really highlights her face. The same goes for singers like Taylor Swift and Shakira, whose often changing, but usually curly, textured, kinky, and volumized, hair has earned them spots on the hottest female pop singers lists for a while now. Then again, she has tightened them up for her role on "ER" and on the red carpet, we see how she gives them a super sexy look. Her highlights in various shades of brown perfectly highlight the curl while keeping the natural, sexy look. Take a look at these hot curly hair pics! Hot girls with curly hair

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Hot girls with curly hair

Hot girls with curly hair

Hot girls with curly hair

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    Vote for your favorite curly-haired celebrity, add any not listed or even re-rank this list of the hottest women with curly hair below!

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    You will only know this one if you have lived in the Middle East tihihihi I have slept through all her movies but damn… 4 Shakira I have been considering emailing her parents to congratulate them for having created this human specimen Another exotic curly, courtesy of my international travels I was having issues finding a hot curly redhead until I found you, Chris. While it can look limp, actress Jennifer Ferrin proves that it can relax curls just enough. He can have a girl with cornrows, box braids , faux locs , etc.

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