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Forgive or Forget Reality TV Show Robin Givens "Drug Addict" (2000)

Mother love show forgive or forget

Executives say they wanted to take the show into a new direction in its second season. The show is on locally at 9 a. In later episodes, another live interview would be held via closed-circuit television, with all guests participating. Archived from the original on Love's former television show, "Forgive or Forget," started the new season in January with a new host - actress Robin Givens. On several episodes, a guest would be featured who had lost contact with another family member and wished for a reconciliation. Most often, the guest was someone who had done something to hurt a friend or relative, in which case the guest hoped the other person would offer forgiveness. Format[ edit ] Each show consisted of three segments. New host and cancellation[ edit ] Four months into Forgive or Forget's second season, ratings began to slide after a highly rated first year. Other published reports say Mother Love was unhappy with her relationship with Twentieth Television and was about to start her own production company. Mother love show forgive or forget

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Mother love show forgive or forget

Mother love show forgive or forget

Mother love show forgive or forget

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