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Long beard gay. MAN OF STYLE.

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See the Gay Beards at TEDx Portland on April 21st

Long beard gay

Their alternative-grooming operation began in , when Johnathan and Brian plucked flowers from their personal garden, stuck them in their beards and had a friend snap some photos. Having a beard requires a lot more of a grooming routine than we ever imagined. Beyond that, our day-to-day routine focuses on shampooing and conditioning our beards times per week , beard oil to keep them soft , beard balm to hold in the stray hairs , mustache wax so we can eat and the occasional hairspray if we are feeling fancy. Is The Gay Beards your full-time gig? The two best friends believe the world needs more love and laughter, and beard decor is certainly one way to promote that ideal. We've learned to keep our grooming experimentation to the weekends. A favorite of ours is either the dandelion beards or the moss? Because we live in such an amazing city, it has definitely played a huge role in our creative lives. Find out how The Gay Beards grew from a one-time activity to a full-time craft that boosts more than K Instagram followers and provokes just as many smiles, and how V76 helps the guys groom and spruce before each scruffy shoot. Often we get asked what products we use to keep ourselves looking gentlemanly, and we've recently added V76 to our arsenal of suggestions. It's been a long-running dream of ours to publish a few items, including a coffee table book and a children's book. It's great to have products like the V76 grooming and styling Creams and Waxes for when we have a crazy beard day—hey, if bed head is a thing, so is bed beard. Long beard gay

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Long beard gay

Long beard gay

Long beard gay

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    Both of us have always been creative people, and we specifically enjoy being creative together.

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    Also, everyone with a beard should invest in a boar-bristle brush, especially if you're worried about your beard losing its integrity.

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    Portland has always been a very progressive city, full of artists and entrepreneurs. Much like the name suggests, their activity of choice involves decorating their facial hair with various accouterments from rainbow-colored glitter and potato chips to candy corn and ornaments, season depending, and then posting the eye-catching creation on social media.

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