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Antiplanner. Dedicated to the sunset of government planning.

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Episode 123: Transportation, Land Use, and Freedom (with Randal O'Toole)


The require very little infrastructure between airports. I scoured the nation from San Antonio to Seattle for the flattest stretches of land, which I then festooned with thousand mile straight-aways. They have produced a popular YouTube video that tries to explain why high speed rail is a bad idea for the US. The fact that Congress is irresponsible has nothing to do with whether highways are subsidized or federal roads influenced urban form. Ridership booms everywhere it is tried. Drea August 17, 6: Jotman August 17, 6: But make no half-vast plans On the other hand the benefits of transit access tend to escape in the form of positive externalities. Brett August 17, 5: Does he consider the lost wages and productivity caused by highway accidents, which carnage claims over lives and causes many more injuries every day in the US? I don't think the automobile is useless, or that we should strive to eliminate it. If everyone who rode NJ Transit drove into NYC instead of taking the train, your 45 minute auto trip would become much longer. I will have to read O'Toole's book to see, but I doubt it. Michael August 17, 5: Cities with more Lassiez Faire planning and poor transit Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas have much lower costs, but residents pay with their time, stuck in traffic, driving long distances to their destinations. Antiplanner

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  1. Akinozuru says:

    Anyone who argues against projects just because they don't fit into a cost-benefit analysis is a boring clueless person and a bad lunch date. For the life of me, I cannot understand why libertarians hate government-funded rail transit so much. I am forced to breathe the exhaust that all of these vehicles emit.

  2. Banos says:

    I am forced to breathe the exhaust that all of these vehicles emit.

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