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Updating table of contents in word. II. How to Update a Table of Contents in Word.

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Table of Contents in Word 2016

Updating table of contents in word

Just put your mouse where you want to make edits and go ahead and edit as if you were in any other part of the document. Since the Styles control the formatting of the entries in the Table of Contents, we need to modify the Styles to correct the formatting. Or the indentation. Word uses a new underlying feature named "Linked character styles" to do this. Thanks for stopping by! Step 2: Click the heading that you want to change. Here's an overview of all the steps from the video: Format the text in your table of contents To change the formatting of the table of contents that Word generates, you need to change the style for each level in the table of contents. However, this may include the title page and the Table of Contents itself. Step 4. Change the numbers in the quotation marks. Updating table of contents in word

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Updating table of contents in word

Updating table of contents in word

Updating table of contents in word

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