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Zimbra last login time not updating. Your Answer.

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Zimbra Preferences - Display Name and Email Address

Zimbra last login time not updating

Changing the Timezone for an Account If you have an individual account that needs to be set to a different timezone, then this can be set. A list of known time zones is provided at the bottom of this page. The following is an overview of each store and their directory location. On UNIX systems, the mailbox directory for each user contains a hard link to the actual file. Messages with multiple recipients are stored as a single -copy on the message store. Troubleshooting 1 The very first thing to do, even before you try to check the logs, is to change the zimbraPrefMailInitialSearch attribute for the problematic user to the sent folder. Upgraded Zimbra Collaboration versions require an immediate activation to maintain network feature functionality. Each of the components may generate its own logging output. Repeat that until you are unable to login. These servers are running in split mode. Specifies maximum size of IMAP request in bytes excluding literal data. The mailbox ID is only unique within a single mailbox server. Your license information is updated automatically. The mailbox server parses the message, including the header, the body, and all readable file attachments such as PDF files or Microsoft Word documents, in order to tokenize the words. Then go to the Inbox, and move from there 50 mails to the test folder. Confirm timezone references are right: Zimbra last login time not updating

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Zimbra last login time not updating

Zimbra last login time not updating

Zimbra last login time not updating

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    Renewal When the number of accounts created is equal to the number of accounts purchased you will not be able to create new accounts.

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    It can be installed on the same node as a mailbox server or on a separate node. System logs, redo logs, and backup sessions should be on separate disks to minimize the possibility of unrecoverable data loss in the event that one of those disks fails.

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    This setting applies to in-process IMAP server as well as zimbra-imapd. By default this value is 1 megabyte. Upgraded Zimbra Collaboration versions require an immediate activation to maintain network feature functionality.

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