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How to give a hand to a guy. 19 Actually Helpful Tips for Giving the Ultimate Hand Job.

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How to Kiss a Guy’s Neck - Kissing Tips

How to give a hand to a guy

Don't Be Afraid to Talk Dirty While the guys all had different tips to offer, one thing that remained pretty much consistent for all of them was their desire for dirty talk. If you're squeezing too hard I'll tell you, but that will be doubtful. Get with the motions The basic hand job movement is an up-and-down motion. Have Fun! Be more delicate with his testicles than you are with his shaft. Hold him steady. You can give him a real tug. Keep your actions fluid, not jerky. I will, however, settle for a discrete handy should that be the only viable option given the circumstance i. The perineum requires a little more pressure than the anus, so you can use the knuckle of your pointer or middle finger to massage the skin. Use Lube One of the best ways to bring the hand job into the adult bedroom is to use lube. Read their signals. Like, not even a little. And don't change it up. Jennifer Rahner, a sex educator, says that watching your partner touch themselves and asking what they like is the most efficient way to become a pro at handies. And by this I mean you need to do more than jingling his scrotum like a bag of marbles. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. How to give a hand to a guy

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How to give a hand to a guy

How to give a hand to a guy

How to give a hand to a guy

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