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Sexy gamers. Tara Babcock.

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10 games that embarrassed us in front of others

Sexy gamers

Your turn: The Phantom Pain, and plenty more. She would regularly host the League of Legends news recap series known as Summoners Recap. Twitch shut her channel down after she filmed herself appearing to strangle her own cat — an allegation she strongly denied. She was subsequently hired by Warner Bros. Sssniperwolf Not just an elite gamer girl, Sssniperwolf is also one of the biggest channels on YouTube with almost 5 million subscribers and over million views. Despite some controversy surrounding her revealing clothing, Nigri remains steadfast and passionate about video games and cosplay. While Zooey Deschanel has admitted she was once addicted to The Legend of Zelda, she removed herself from her Nintendo. Gotta love a bad girl! There was a petition to get her banned on Change. Know Your Meme Born in Reno, Nevada, Jessica Nigri has been involved in the cosplay scene since and entered the world of modeling in Like most streamers, she occasionally uploads a vlog here or there. Originally, the channel started with seven female players. Sexy gamers

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Sexy gamers

Sexy gamers

Sexy gamers

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    Furthermore, she is currently ranked in South Korean Grandmaster League, is one of just three female players to win a game on Korean TV, and is an avid swimmer when not gaming.

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