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Real kissing games for adults. Spin for a Kiss.

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Real kissing games for adults

Blindfold your partner, spin them around a few times, and move back several feet away from them. It's an extremely bonding experience. Bring it on! Go thru all 20 or more body parts. Then the person that the bottle pointed to has to spin the bottle once more, this time landing on a type of kiss. You draw a circle that is big enough for a bottle to fit in it and around that circle write 5 types of kisses peck, French, etc. For this game, you each have five minutes to ask your partner to kiss you wherever you want. They have to find their way to you and kiss that spot. Suck and blow , baby! Take turns spelling a word with your tounge. You must barely touch lips and stay locked in eye contact. You can play the "Hot Word" game anywhere. Determine which kissing style you rolled. That is for the body part. Real kissing games for adults

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Real kissing games for adults

Real kissing games for adults

Real kissing games for adults

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    Then fold the paper or cards and put in a bowl. Then, divided them equally between you and your partner.

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    Pick a new guesser and start again. One of them should slather their lips with the red lipstick. Then pass it to them using only your mouth.

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