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List of kanye west produced songs

In another world, the feat shouldn't be difficult considering that in a soul-sampling galaxy far, far away, West infamously produced five beats a day for three summers. However, the first lady of G. But one of his most unusual scrapes with fame was a short-lived stint as battle rapper Hot Karl, who signed with Interscope and recorded a song with Kanye West in On an episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast , Charlamagne the God described his excitement for the new Pusha project and what makes the hip-hop veteran so real. The oft-delayed Tell Em Why U Madd wasn't much of a commercial success, but is best remembered for several co-productions by West and guest appearances by other rising superstars like Eminem and 50 Cent. With so many release dates flying around, MTV News decided to organize all the albums Kanye's announced on his recently reactivated Twitter so far. Yesterday April 23 , 'Ye shook the world up again by announcing that a new Nas album is releasing on June Take a look through, and let us know what you expect from the project if it ever comes out in the comments below. The two came together for an ode to their city on "Chi Town," the horn-driven closing track to her platinum album Unrestricted. It became a hit, showcasing the power the two have as a team, and perhaps planting the idea of a possible joint project. Music prepping five albums from artists with wildly different fanbases, budgets, and marketing needs does seem like a gargantuan task at best and an impossible undertaking at worst. But it's also one of the few produced by Kanye West that might not be readily identified as his work by anyone who hasn't read the liner notes or spotted his split-second cameo at the beginning of the video. The clip followed Drake's coaching of a women's basketball team, as he picks out skimpy uniforms, and teaches them how to stretch, ultimately leading to the team not really knowing how to play. Music didn't disappear. It also has us thinking about what Drake could've done with a full 16, there's certainly room for one. Image Via Instagram Following news of a potential collaborative project, we take a look through Drake and Kanye's work together. List of kanye west produced songs

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List of kanye west produced songs

List of kanye west produced songs

List of kanye west produced songs

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    In fact, the future Roc-a-Fella producer had at least three collaborations with Nas under his belt before he became Jay Z's go-to producer and helmed the vicious Nas diss track "The Takeover. With so many release dates flying around, MTV News decided to organize all the albums Kanye's announced on his recently reactivated Twitter so far. Here are 20 Kanye West productions that you may not know.

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    Share on Twitter Scarface feat. It was the understudy shaking hands with the creator, and the start of what would be come a friendly but also competitive relationship between the two.

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    Less obvious are Kanye's production contributions to the album, being credited as a co-producer on both "U With Me?

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