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Where does a womens cum come from. Primary Sidebar.

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What a Female Orgasm Looks Like?

Where does a womens cum come from

Related Story How to come: However, if you still have any concern that this may be urinary incontinence, I strongly recommend you see your health care professional. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, different estimates suggest that between 10 and 50 percent of women ejaculate during sex. As a treatment, they would tend to recommend exercises to build up the pelvic muscles. Some papers conclude that the expulsion of cupfuls of clear liquid often depicted in porn and which necessitates the changing of sheets is chiefly urine. But what exactly is it? The G-spot is said to be an erotic zone at the front of the vagina, and this area is intimately connected with the urethra. In , Viennese researcher Dr Florian Wimpissinger published an important study on two women who habitually ejaculated. Related Story Sex drive: Also, large scientific funds tend to be available for life-threatening diseases rather than for sexual problems! The scans suggested that the women were probably urinating — though Dr Salama and his colleagues added: Where does a womens cum come from

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Where does a womens cum come from

Where does a womens cum come from

Where does a womens cum come from

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    Talk to your partner about your concern and get his or her feedback. But while squirting has become a very popular subgenre in porn and a ton of gear to both facilitate and manage sexual play that results in a puddle is readily available on Amazon , the scientific literature, at first blush, is as inconclusive as ever.

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