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Sushi loca centennial. Rating Details.

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Sushi loca centennial

The sushi is amazing! Very large and delicious strips!! Too bad it's too expensive and there isn't much raw. Facilities for washing and sanitizing kitchenware approved, adequate, properly constructed, maintained and operated. Walking into the place, you feel like you've steped into a posh Japanese sushi bar. We love sushi here! Nobu Special: They gave the birthday boy a tempura ice cream and played the funniest Happy Birthday song over the speakers! Usually, that kind of combo for a sushi roll makes my stomach upset, but it was executed well. We had an old favorite "Put Your Hands Up" but didn't enjoy it as much as in the past. I LOVE spicy food so the kiss of fire is a fave of mine also. Again, not always a bad thing but when I take guests their options can become limited. But, they also have great cooked dishes too like salmon and hamachi Kama, baked mussels, and any choice of Ramen is great. The service was fine; though, I don't think this is the sort of place where servers are talkative and ask how you're doing. It was yummy. Sushi loca centennial

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Sushi loca centennial

Sushi loca centennial

Sushi loca centennial

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5 thoughts on “Sushi loca centennial”

  1. Mikalar says:

    Fun music, too! Very large and delicious strips!! Usually we order a Kiss of Fire, a Japanese lasagna, definitely a kiss of fire and always the shrimp tempura appetizer.

  2. JoJoshakar says:

    Food is ok. The salmon was so fresh and delicious. Fortunately, that issue didn't ruin our meal.

  3. Mezisida says:

    Both including miso soup, salad, a variety of entrees, sushi and rice. It is so good!!! My favorite roll has to be No Pain No Gain!

  4. Bashicage says:

    All of it was delicious! It was cold and rainy outside.

  5. Kagashura says:

    That now is my once a week place.

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