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Places to visit in manama bahrain. Sights around Manama from our guide 'Extreme places on Earth'.

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Places to visit in manama bahrain

Bani Jamra Located in the northwestern part of Bahrain, the village of Bani Jamra is mostly known for the activity of its inhabitants: Bani Jamra village The villagers of this small north-western village are as famous for their weaving abilities as they are for being rigorously private. Distance from Manama center - It is a middle-class city where upscale villas coexist with schools; it is probably the area of Bahrain with most schools per number of inhabitants. With the purpose of creating housing, hotels, and beaches, the entire area of Muharraq now has a modern extension. For a glimpse into the traditional Bahrain, visit the Bab-Al-Bahrain market , with an arched gate as entrance and housing stalls selling everything from clothes and food to gold and pearls, a historic tradition. The island has been transformed into a resort retreat, with hotels and water-sports equipment for those wanting to venture in the warm seas of the Persian Gulf. Al Jazeer Beach This is a popular spot for locals to unwind at the weekend. Famous for its burial mounds dating back from ancient times, spread throughout the central part of the city. Visitors to Jebel Al Dukhan should be warned, however, that once you have seen one sandy hill, you have pretty much seen them all. The intricate weaving process reveals detailed patterns in a multitude of colors. The clay here is a unique blend of two types, ideal for creating their signature bread ovens, pots for plants, moneyboxes and water pipes. Places to visit in manama bahrain

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Places to visit in manama bahrain

Places to visit in manama bahrain

Places to visit in manama bahrain

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    This guide to iconic landmarks and sights of Manama is protected by the copyright law. With the purpose of creating housing, hotels, and beaches, the entire area of Muharraq now has a modern extension. The Riffa Bazaar and the Bukuwara Street Market are the best places to go find some souvenirs, from crafts to pieces of clothing or small pottery objects.

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