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Manly cocktails. Irish Car Bomb.

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Top 10 Cocktails for Men

Manly cocktails

This one is too easy to mess up- simply fill the shot glass with whiskey, drop the full shot glass into the full mug of beer, and drink immediately. Written by Gus Penton What makes a cocktail manly? Let's be honest, when you're reading through the obligatory drinks menu at your favourite bar, craving the potential cocktail combinations, you also spare a thought for the way a drink might look, and more pressingly the way you will look holding it. Pour the gin and tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. The name says it all. The more Drambuie, the sweeter the drink becomes. If you want to get fancy with a garnish, a maraschino cherry or an orange slice will do just fine. Whiskey Sour A perfect progression to the world of shaken drinks. Only a real man like Don Draper can swig one or two of these down at 1 in the afternoon and not be passed out in his office during a marketing meeting by 2 PM. Add some ice, stir, and voila! AskMen may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. Stir and then drop in your lemon peel. This is the one drink on the menu that has multiple variations, but the manliest of them all is also the easiest to make. Let us know in the comments. Celebrity Liquor Brands: Manly cocktails

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Manly cocktails

Manly cocktails

Manly cocktails

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  1. Daishura says:

    The more Drambuie, the sweeter the drink becomes. Keep it around 10 parts beer to one part vodka and change the ratio from there, according to flavor and willingness to transform into Rasputin by the end of the night.

  2. Garn says:

    The origin does come from the Big Apple, placing it at the Manhattan Club in the late s. Pour the ingredients into a shaker, give a few generous shakes, and pour into a Martini glass. The best part is, there are about as many variations of this drink as there are beers in the world.

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    The perfect classic drink for a night out with the boys. This drink consists of 2 oz of Bourbon or rye whiskey poured over a glass containing a sugar cube, a splash of water, and some bitters.

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